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The key to passing your real estate exam is NOT having the most information, but the RIGHT information on exam day.

  • Exam Prep Master

Our key ingredient!  You'll be prepared for YOUR state's specific subjects.  Our insider information and study strategies will have you fully prepared to pass your exam the first try.

  • Study tools and methods

Not everyone learns the same way, so we offer a variety of tools and study methods.  Whether you prefer coaching, testing drills, or another method, you will be prepared for test day.

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Our Exam Prep Master has helped thousands pass the exam on the first attempt.  If you do not pass your exam, it will cost you nothing.  That's our Pass or Don't Pay guarantee.

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Study at Your Pace on Your Schedule

Understanding that you likely have many things going on in your life, we try to make it as convenient as possible to get the proper preparation for your real estate exam.  We have a recommended schedule for study and practice, but offer you the flexibility to adapt it to your own personal schedule.

Three Learning Formats

Coaching Format

Questions are delivered one-by-one with instantaneous grading.  Coaches commentary follows each response.

Speed Format

Ideal for someone who's gone through the practice exams and wants to speed up rate of taking the exam.

Power Format​​​​​​​

The true exam taking format.  Score not revealed until test is complete. Coaching turned off.

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Real Estate Express, backed by ARELLO and IDECC, is the leading pioneer in real estate license online education and training.


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200,000+ Real Estate Professionals got their start with us.  20 years of perfecting our school has resulted in success for our students.  Here's what a few of them had to say:

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The course work was very thorough and taught me more than enough to easily pass the state exam on my first try! I loved being able to work at my own pace.

Client B

I like the convenience and ease of working from anywhere I have a laptop and Internet connection.

Client C

Enrollment was easy. The customer service people were attentive. The instructor provided excellent feedback to questions.

Client D

The Exam Prep Master did help quickly prepare me for the test. The questions relayed the various subjects needed to pass the test.